David Rokeach - drummer
PHOTOS - David Rokeach, Drums

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The Rokeach brothers.
L to R: Chad, Steve, Me, Rafer, Jimmy

The Rokeach family.
L to R: Rafer, Chad, Jimmy, Clary, Me, Steve, Lola (Our Mom), Jenny, & Annabelle

The Rokeach triplets Annabelle. Rafer, and Jimmy with brother Steve on the side and brother Chad in the middle. Winter 1968.

brother Chad with brother Ray

sister Annabelle with brother Ray

Jimmy, Rafer and Annabelle. Fall 1967.

an eleven year old peacenik and brother Rafer

Annabelle, Jimmy and Rafer.
Winter 1968.

The early years.

With Ricky Henderson, greatest lead off hitter of all time, at the Oakland A’s season opening party in 2018. We had a nice band with Jeremy Cohen on violin, Larry Dunlap on piano, Jim Kerwin on bass.

More photos: Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4